Let's talk about lifting.

No not weights or furniture - we're talking nails here!

Nail enhancements to be more precise.

It's every nail techs #1 bug bear - lifting! 

Why does it happen my clients have been know to ask?

And trust me it's 'aways' something I have done!! Never them 🙄

Let me break it down easily for you as there are a million reasons it can happen but unfortunately its normally something that has happened once you have left the salon. Or sometimes something you have done whilst in the salon. Exposure to elements, environmental conditions at work, and plain ol' bad habits (like picking) all play a part in lifting. Digging into handbags, drawers, washing machines and dryers. These all take a part in putting pressure to the underside of the nail, and weakening you're extensions. They are not invincible, and do have to have a breaking point so as to not cause damage to your natural nail.

Client walks in - "My nails haven't held up as well this time around?"

Me - "Yes you do seem to have some lifting, but its only on one hand? Did you notice when it started? Or have you done anything different than usual?"

Client - "No! Nothing. I do the same thing every day like normal? I remember one feeling a bit loose so I kinda 'investigated' it, then saw a few others were too so I picked at the lifting bits."

Me - "Yes well that will definitely break the seal and make them worse. And it is only on a few nails?? I recall last time you were in I asked you to put your phone away as I was trying to prep the nails but you kept fiddling with it? Then I recall u putting it in your pocket?" 

Client - "Oh yes, I remember, I did look at them and they had fluff on a few off my jeans so I wiped them over with my other hand, lol."

Me - "Yes well that would of transferred oil from your hands onto the nails I had just freshly prepped. The nails have no chance of staying on with a mixture of oil and fluff on the nail. Thats why I ask you sit still and leave phones and bags away while I'm trying to prepare your nails. It really is important. I'm not trying to be a nail nazi. I'm trying to do the best possible job on your nails that I can"

Client - "Oh, I'm sorry, I never realised that. I'll be more aware next time around. Thank you for explaining that to me. "

I've been called the Nail Nazi more times than I care to remember, but I've been at this a long time. 

It is so hard to do a proper job when you have a client that wriggles, and fiddles the whole time. Its nice you want to share photos off your phone of kids and dogs, but that all contributes to the chance of cross contamination and therefore extending the chance of lifting. Once you sit at my desk, your hands are mine baby! Until your done. Its only 90 minutes - so just chill and relax.