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Maria Harvey's Nail Studio uses all industry standard gel products. Recognised all across the world. ibd, (USA), Light Elegance (USA),  Missu (UK), Perfect Nails from Beautyworld (Aust).
My core products are all 'hard' gels. Unlike their distant cousin, the soft gel (biab, shellac or gel polish), 'hard' gels are a closer cousin to acrylic and have the same strength and hardness of a acrylic but a natural flexibility not found in acrylics. Softer gels are available as a core product and used if better suited for a particular client. Better explained here in one of my blog posts. For all my terms and conditions its important you refer to the bottom of the page.....

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Permanent French, Natural, Custom made Coloured Gel or Gel Polish. 
Tips applied for length & shape & hard gel constructed to tip. Complete nail done with gel ~ NOT white/coloured tips & no acrylic base.             1h 30min ~ $95.00

Natural strong coatings of gel over your own nails to help keep them looking healthy and strong. French, Colour or Natural 1h.   ~ $70.00 

This is where we file away a partial amount of the last gel application and replace with fresh new gel. At this point a new colour or different style can be reapplied so boredom of nails is never an issue! This also stops the nails from lifting, breaking and also keeps the look of the gel fresh and clean, no discolouration as with acrylic as it ages.   Recommended ever 2-3 weeks. 1.5 hours 
Every 2 weeks ~ $65.00
Every 3-4 weeks ~ $70.00
Over 4 week interval between fills ~ $75.00 
3 new nails included, 4 or more nails added  +$3 per nail.

Each nail is gently buffed and tidied and a sealer applied to keep nails fresh between infills.
30 min ~   $40 (Only available with French or natural.)

Sometimes clients come to us after being away for a while or from another salon and some extensive work needs to be performed. In this case extra time and materials are required thus separating this from our standard infill price. 60 min ~ from $70.00

If you currently have acrylic and wish to change to gel it requires buffing back the old acrylic to about .5mm and replacing with gel. This saves the damage that can be caused by complete removal and the cost of a new set. Depending on level of difficulty removing old acrylic can take about 1 hour 30 min. and be priced from ~ $70.00 depending on time frame. 90 Min.

Wanting to take a break. Having your gels professionally removed is a far better, and kinder, option for your nails. 
Extensions are cut, nails filed and shaped for their new normal, and 90% of product removed from natural nail. Either hand filed or drilled.
A 'repair' gel is then applied in a light coat just to keep nails structured whilst going through the 'grow off' phase.
Infills then are not required and 'repair gel' grows out.
Continued manicures are advised.
From 1 hour - $70.


Each nail is shaped, cuticles are trimmed back neatly followed by a deluxe massage for total relaxation. Includes instruction on at home care. Perfect polish to finish and a quick slick of our very own cuticle oil.1h.   $55. ( Fingers or Toes. Does not include gel).

Have a gorgeous french or coloured gel to match your gel nails. Nails are shaped and cuticles shown the love most of us girls deny them. Most clients are getting 6 - 8 weeks from this service. 1h. $60.00
(Blading and cutting of cracked and dry heels is not part of this pedi treatment and should be left to the professionals. A visit to a podiatrist prior to a gel application is always the safest option as nail techs are not licensed for this sort of service….)

RE-PAINT  (Fingers or Toes)
Have a quick slick of polish each week to give your nails a tidy natural finish at all times. 
15 min. $30

For any nasty breaks between fills.
One nail ~ $10.00



 It’s important you read through our Terms and Conditions carefully before attending your appointment so there will be no surprises.  
❤️ I am located at the hairdressers at Sorrento Shopping Village at 20 Bundall Rd, Bundall.  
❤️ All my pricing is located above.
❤️ I DO NOT have any EFTPOS facilities so you can do cash or phone banking at the appointment. Please text your receipt to my mobile.
❤️ Maria Harvey's Nail Studio has a strict $50 fee for cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice or $70 for complete no shows. These missed appts rob other clients of appts and stop me from running by business professionally. Further appts can not be made until payment is made.  
❤️ Appointment arrivals later than 15 minutes of your scheduled time will need to rebook so as to not hold up other clients.
❤️ Maria Harvey’s Nail Studio  does not allow small children. Nail salons are not a safe environment for children and cause undue stress to both parties so you will need to make other arrangements prior to your appointment.  
❤️ For more information please refer to the rest of my website or check out my Instagram @gelnailsgoldcoast for nail inspiration for the day 
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