Respect - Why are nail techs are so undervalued?

We all hate being ripped off, and paying too much for a service.
I"m a customer and I don't want to pay exorbitant prices for my treatments.
BUT, I don't want to be unfair and rip off hard working service providers either.

Last year I used to go to THE most amazing lash artist I'd ever been too.
She was next level.
However, her lashes were only $30 for infill and $50 for a new set!
Can you believe it?
I thought she must of been learning when I first went, but no.
After my second or third visit I asked her why she was so cheap?
She couldn't really answer me other than that's what she has always charged.
By my 4th visit I insisted she take more money as she was totally under valuing herself and I just couldn't in good conscious let her spend 90 minutes on my peepers for only $30.
I then convinced several of her other clients to do the same.
She was undervaluing her work as she was scared she would lose clients, but her clients she was being so loyal to, were not being loyal to her.
Thankfully she eventually increased her prices across the board, and of course she lost no clients as she was amazing - and everyone's still happy.


Recently I realised I too had been doing the same thing.
Undervaluing myself.
I realised late last year that my prices structure had been in place for almost 15 years!
I had not given myself a wage increase in 15 years, when around me everything was going up.
The average wage had increased 30% over just the last 10 years.
I watch the hairdressers at work getting almost 3 times the price for the same 90 minute block that I was.
And no one bats an eye to their prices.
Massages therapists charging $100-$120 for a one hour massage.
So why do we as nail techs so undervalue our services.
I know nail techs still charging $50 for an infill taking them 90-120 minutes?
Its less than the the lowest average Australian wage!
Are we just scared of losing customers??
So I bit the bullet - raised my prices by $5 🙄 Not a huge amount, but it's a start.
No one has balked at it, and in fact several have commended me and said it was way overdue.
I appreciated that.
We work bloody hard.
Hands on, one on one, constantly through the entire day.
We can't just slap a tint on and head out the back while it processes and grab some lunch.
It's full on.
If you're reading this, please appreciate your nail tech.
We do what we do because we love it.
But we need a little love back.
Treat your nail tech a little cause behind the scenes she may be struggling.
I can guarantee you she's tired.
Perhaps give her a tip? Or if she's super cheap, just tell her how much you value her and that you're choosing to pay her a little more.
She'll appreciate it ❤️