My first 'international' magazine feature ❤

Now this is a BIG deal for me.
Yes, I post lots of pics of some of the nail art I produce here in the salon, BUT, between you and I, 
I'm not the confident in the nail art dept (sad face)
I'm a great nail tech and nails are my passion, but at school I got an E in art. So nail art is a bit of a struggle at times. 
Although I must give myself A for effort.
So, imagine my surprise upon being featured, full page, in Nail Art Gallery Magazine in the states!!!!
They were doing a Valentines Day special and featured some of my valentines nails from last year.
We all know I LOVE love, so perfecting Valentines nails was a joy ❤
Yep, Im feeling a little famous right now - and a wee bit giddy!

❤Yours in Nails ❤
Maria  x x