Nail Nightmares

Why oh why am I on this topic again???
Oh, thats right, because these stupid chop shops are still operating and people - yes the general educated  public - keep going to them!
I wish I knew…
Here's another poor unsuspecting, shall we say 'shmuck', (and I say that in the kindest most frustrated way,) with massive nail infections from another of our famous 'Asian Nail Salons'.

( Photo: A Current Affair. )
Story here.

Now I can hear you all screaming 'racist' from here, but I say it by way of description.
These salons are owned and operated by only asians.
You or I could never get a job there. (now who's racist?)
Anyway, ACA try to cover this story - again - and I go on ramble - again - but nothing ever changes.
See my last ramble here!
I am assuming profoundly that no one from any health dept in Australia has ever watched ACA or been, or know someone who has been, to a chop shop.
That is my only explanation as to why, oh why, these salons have not been shutdown, annihilated, or thrown out of the country???
People, oh people, power in numbers!!!
If we can get the word around for everyones safety to stop going to them. Not only will they go out of business, but the little one-of operators, small business owners like me, can stay in business.
How long since you've seen just a one or two nail tables in a hair salon.
Or a small beauty salon with their token nail tech out the front of the salon??
They're far and few between because a high % of uninformed members of the public trying to save a few dollars, keep going to them!!
Then running to ACA because they're all infected and in pain!
And believe me they are not that cheap! Would you like fries with that is they're motto!
Its all plus plus.
Keep this country alive and flourishing by sticking with local small salons - and save your nails in the process.
Its not rocket science.
Rant over.

Yours in Nails ❤
Maria x x