Do you service your own car??

Weird question for a nail blog I hear you ask?
I was going to title it -  "What makes my blood boil?" -  but that seemed a little unappealing….
And we do all get our cars serviced, and we don't do this chore ourselves, we take our little babies to a qualified mechanic and leave it to the experts, don't we???
Which brings me to why my blood is boiling!!!
Another ridiculous article on 'hey, buy a gel machine and do your own nails!!!'.

Beware of at home gel kits….

Why on earth would anyone think they could successfully do you own nails??
Or more to the point, why would you want to???

We all work very hard ever day doing what is our 'speciality' and hope to have enough money to pay our bills and sometimes to treat ourselves to either a night out, have our cars detailed, get a new hair do, or have our nails done.
We generally don't try and work in our careers, look after our significant others, and our kids, AND then in between all that do our own hair, nails, cars, gardens, cook breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week and pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE!!

I have been a nail tech for near on 28 years now and I still struggle to do my own nails at the end of the working week. Apart from the fact you need to be confidently ambidextrous to do both hands and get them looking like something you'd be happy to look at everyday. There are highly toxic chemicals involved, as well as requiring knowledge of skin and nail diseases, how to file ones nails without damaging one natural nail bed, and the list goes on forever……………...
So it just baffles me how anyone could want to, or achieve it successfully.

Please don't be a target of these marketing marvels on how easy it is.
They're aim is to just get you to buy. They don't care if you can do it or not.
Once you've bought that kit do you think there will be after sales service, or advice, or knowledge.
Somehow I don't think so.
The word GEL and 'gel-like is being so loosely thrown around these days the public really need to be aware of what is what.
Gel-like?? What the hell does that mean???
Its like the term organic leather, or vegan leather….all means the same thing - IT'S NOT REAL LEATHER!
Get my meaning…...
A company labels a product 'gel like' and everybody rushes to get on board thinking they'll have 'gel nails'.
As one of Qld's Australia's #1 gel advocates - it just disappoints me…..
Look out for my upcoming, heavily researched article coming soon on the absolute truths of gels and acrylics!!!

OK, rant over.
Beware ladies before you buy anything that is normally only reserved for professionals.
There is a really good reason why our professional nail and beauty suppliers only supply to trade :-)

Stay safe lovelies,
Maria x x x