Warm Up For Winter - In Pastels!

So, I tried the whole - 'It's Winter, better go back to my black nails, drag out the dark colours.....'

Hmmm? Nuh.
So not me.
Think we all know I just Lurve Lurve Lurve my pastels AND of course, my dots! {promise I will get over them one day????}
So after quickly removing my 'winter nails' I threw myself back into my drawer full of pastel gels. 

And of coure I'm still loving the hand drawn hearts I've mastered, so they were going to feature as well!{actually, more-so for me is the fact that I can do them left or right handed so can do my own on both hands - Winning!!}
So a quick buff and file, some new gel, a few hand painted hearts, a stripe here and there for good luck {and I hate them all looking the same, sooo 80's nail art signature, Bluhk}
and Voila! 

Summer Love Nails

Yours in Nails,

Maria x x x