Natural Nails vs Enhancements

Today I met with one of my BFF's for coffee and the conversation of natural nails vs enhancements came up...

I love this type of chit chat because most gals think I'll be all like, "you gotta have your nails done", "you gotta have gel nails", etc etc etc....But 'no'. As a nail tech, its my job to advise you of the best service possible for you, not what I'll make the most money out of….

My friend Jack had been and had Shellac done on her toes.I asked her what was wrong with her toes that she felt she needed to have a product like Shellac on them?"Nothing", she said, my nails are ok. I just wanted to treat myself".Well a simple yummy pedi would of done exactly the same thing - AND - once your over the colour, you can simply remove with nail polish remover and repaint - or head back for another pedi!

BUT -with Shellac, she has to return to the salon and have it removed, and then probably be talked into having it done again.
Good business for the salon, not so good for my friend Jack who will now then find herself on the nail enhancement merry-go-round....when she doesn't really need to be.Don't get me wrong, Shellac, Gel, these product absolutely do have a place in our salons, but only if your struggling looking after your toes, if they wont grow straight, they're weak, splitting, etc etc.But, if you've got healthy happy nails, like my friend Jacki certainly does, then a great pedi, some great polish, would of been all she needed. AND - she can maintain it herself in the long term...

Same applies with your fingers.Having gel nails, acrylics, bio sculpture, whatever, is a commitment that lasts longer than a spray tan.Its an ongoing task ~ and cost.So just be aware your getting exactly what you need, and your getting advice based on your needs, not your salons....So I'll see you here next time Jack at my place for a coffee, some pampering, a good ol' chat

Maria x x x