Maria Harvey's Nail Studio must now adhere to strict Qld Govn Guidelines to operate her business as a nail salon.
Please go to our Covid 19 Changes page to be up to date with all restructures, rules and Govn regulations for attending the salon. 

Hey there nail lover!

Welcome to the world of gel nails. 

Some call me the Gel Nails Queen, but I prefer to think of myself as a princess (who doesn't?).
I have been called the Nail Nazi, but that a story for a whole other time, lol.
You'll find no one more passionate about gel nails, nor anyone who has been a 'gel only' nail tech for as long as I. (That was a industry leaders comment, not mine.)
So as much as I hate the getting old bit, I've been in this industry a LONG time!
Over 30 years in fact. 
So here on my little blog site, you'll find everything, and I mean everything you'll need to know about gel nails.
All the whats, hows and why's, and plenty of pics and stories.
So have a look around and ask any questions via my links.
If you love what you see, share it along with all your friends.
For enquiries of appts your best point of contact is to text me as I can't always get to the phone when I am with clients. (0411 620887).
I am currently available Wednesday to Saturday.
Bookings essential. 
I look forward to seeing you soon,