about me

Hey there lovelies, Maria here. 

Total nail geek and an absolute gel junkie! 
(that's real gel ladies, hard gel, not these gel hybrid's currently
having a wave of popularity).
& I have been passionately looking after the lovely ladies of the
Gold Coast for over 25 years. 

 I'm proudly a 'born and bred' Gold Coast local and was trained by one of the coasts original nail salons, Ché for Nails in Coolangatta in 1986, god that makes me feel old!
Also I spent some years working at A Touch of Paradise in Southport, one of the first ever gel-only salons in Australia.
This was in 1988, way before most people had even heard of gel nails..

I’ve owned my own salons, studied with IBD, trained up my own girls and have just loved my industry.
After many years running my owns salons I took some time out and built my beautiful salon and worked from home for nearly ten years.
Now I've set myself a new challenge and have gone back into a salon, (eek, scary stuff!).
As it's still my own business it of course still allows me total flexibility of appointments that benefits both me and you.

My new little salon
So for now, Im Sorrento bound and hope to have you visit me there.
If you’ve had a bad experience with gel, or just wanted to try something different, or just unhappy with your current technician, call me for a chat, if nothing else I can arm you with all the info to make an informed decision about your nails. 

Cheers for now lovelies 

and hope to see you soon.

Yours in Nails,

Maria x x