Cuticle Oil! It can change your life.....

I've been saying this for so long I'm sure my clients are sick of hearing the sound of my voice.
"Cuticle Oil"
"Cuticle Oil"
"Cuticle Oil"
Its not that hard people...
Comes in a small bottle, doesn't take up that much room.
Just slop it on, no experience necessary.
So why OH WHY when my clients come in, ragged dry cuticles, brittle nails, and I ask,
"have you been using your oil?",
they're eyes wander up to the ceiling 🙄
"Ummm, well, kinda,".
So my little nail bunnies - you don't listen to me, but will you listen to two industry leaders who know, and I mean REALLY KNOW their stuff when it comes to the science of nail technology.

Anna Lajourdie.
Anna is a world-renowned nail technician, international educator, and competition winner.
She has been featured in an array of magazines (Nailpro, Scratch and Nails Magazine - to name a few). In addition to working with her clients at Polished, Anna works closely with top industry distributors and travels to beauty shows all over the world and hosts workshops, classes and judges nail competitions.

Doug Schoon.
Doug is an internationally known scientist, researcher, author and educator.
He has studied natural and artificial nails, nail products and services for over 25 years. Doug holds 16 patents for developing the most innovative and successful nail products ever created and is considered a leading scientific expert for the professional nail industry.

This article is all Anna's with some input from Doug Schoon and I give all credit to her but wanted to share it with you.
Its pretty in depth, but these are your nails and you should be totally informed and know whats right and whats not.

Yours in Nails,