Nail Shapes - The long and short of it!

Once upon a time there was a land where everybody had square french nails, it was called the 80's.
Fast forward to 2015 and that land has been taken over by mobile phones, Pinterest, Instagram and entire new land of nails!
It's now the land of a new weird and wonderful world of nails shapes [and designs].
Duck Feet [WTF??]
Far too many choices for my liking, but, if you can't beat them, then you just have to join them.
So begins a journey of discovery into what's what?
If your as confused as me, read on!

All I can say is why?? 
Taking my eyeball out while applying my eyeliner has never appealed to me, but I can see how someone with an extremely outgoing personality and absolutely no housework to do could fancy this type of nails?? 
Confused yet??? 

Credits: Miss G's Nail Lounge.

This one I must admit appeals to me and I find it kinda funky. Takes that slight edge off a pointy nail so as to not take out an eyeball and can be look great on shorter nails too. I like the whole tapered look especially for those nail bunnies with slightly wider nail beds.

Nails: Pinterest

This ones cool although I'm not sure how popular it would be with all the edges on it? 
Sounds impressive though doesn't it??
I actually couldn't find a good image of one on a person either so must not be that popular? 
There are a lot on Pinterest under 'coffin nails' but are more 'Ballet'. 
Notice the difference? The ballet tapers straight from the sidewall, but the coffin goes straight out from the sidewall a bit and then tapers off.
Wondering though how long those edges would stay intact with wear and tear but am happy to fulfil anyones dreams wanting to 'jump into a coffin' shape anytime soon!

Probably one of the most favoured of all the shapes. 
Subtle and unpretentious.
A square shape with the sharpness taken off and a slight arch to the free edge.
Appealing to mostly hard working gals with lots on their plate, think Danni Minogue, hers always are like this and look amazing!!
This will take you from the laundry to the run way!

Nails: Maria Harvey

Now we're at the pointy end of the stick, ha has, pardon the pun.
I love love love pointy nails - yep they're my all time fave. I could wear these babies night and day, short or long! Many of my clients say they feel a bit 90's with these nails??
And yes, long pointy nails were huge in the 90's, but like all great fashion trends, they're back!
I still have photos of me nursing my 3 months old daughter with 2" long pointy nails!!
She survived!!

They are not too  hard to wear and if you struggle with the length just go a little shorter! 

Nails by Me (The middle one being an extreme point from Pinterest).

Almond  (or Oval)
Another well liked informal looking shape.
Now this one reminds me of my mother and all her friends having their manicures back in the day.
This was my first ever shape I did while doing manicures as part of my hairdressing training at my first ever job working Saturdays at Katy's Hair Salon in Coolangatta.
I was 14 and my first ever client was a very sophisticated lady by the name of Rene Kerr.
She owned a very exclusive clothes boutique in Coolangatta. My heart races just remembering it. I was so nervous!
Wow - so long ago….

Nails - Pinterest

Duck Feet/Edge/Lipstick
I have nothing to say but why??????

Credits - I give no credit what so ever to whoever did these!!!

So thats pretty much it ladies - at least for this week anyway?
I'm sure with the way the nail industry is going they'll be a whole new list by the end of the month.
Cats claws?
Duck beak?
Lego Man?
Only ones imagination will limit what will be next but I await it with baited breath!!!
Hope this clears up a few shape options for you all.
I think its great we have all these options (yes even the fugly ones), it makes it fun and allows us all to be our unique selves.
Until next time nail bunnies.

Yours in Nails 
Maria x x  x