How Important is a Portfolio??

Hmmm? A Portfolio!
This is honestly something in my early days of nails I gave little - or NO - thought too??
Pretty much, one just went to the salon, worked ones fingers till they nearly bled, then went back and did it all again the next day - and the next - aaaand the next!
Days wove into months, months into years....
Now here I am, a 25 year veteran of this industry, and have no, what is deemed apparently essential to ones career, portfolio!

I have recently heard about this new breed of nail tech called the 'celebrity manicurist'.
Nail Tech to the stars!
So how does one get to be a 'celebrity manicurist'?
Live in Sydney or Melbourne would probably be a good start I'd imagine.
And of course, from looking at their websites, one must of course have - A PORTFOLIO!
I have plenty of pics of the work I've done. But further investigation tells me it must be published work...
So, my goal for 2014 - get myself some 'published' work.

I have spoken with a few makeup artist - with portfolios of course - who've explained to me that most work to start one's portfolio is normally unpaid!!!
Gosh, this is sounding better and better!
Work without $$$$ - how exciting!!
But honestly, I love what I do so I guess if thats what it takes - I'm in.
I have no idea where to start, but with the massive trend of social media, I think a bit of web surfing will be a great start.....and a few hundred emails to every magazine/newspaper/media outlet and fashion designer I can think of....

So wish me luck gals and hopefully the next time you see me I will be behind a nail brush and Mercedes Fashion Week - ha, wish!

Anyway - just to show I actually have accomplished something in my illustrious career, I will include some pics from what was actually some 'published' works of mine, albeit some time ago?????
So I guess my portfolio starts here.
Till next time,
Luv n Hugs

Maria x x 

Cover - Gold Coast Magazine June 2002
Marisa Burgess -  Moulin Rouge/Stage Shows and currently
staring in Cabaret-De-Paris at Jupiters Casino.

This very impressive photo shoot was done in collaboration with renowned
hairdresser John Morrey and myself.
It was a Gold Coast Magazine shoot done in about 2006 with the beautiful
Angela Westcott featuring for us.