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Once upon a time, 4 Gold Coast based nail techs, Maria, Janelle, Cathy and Amy decided to meet up for coffee. They talked life, love and family but mostly they talked about the one thing they all had in common - a love and dedication to gel nails and the nail industry. To strengthen that friendship and dedication to their trade, they decided to meet up once a month to share laughs and lows and all the trials and tribulations one encounters as devoted nail techs, business owner, wife and mother.
On that day Nail Storming was born. 
Fast forward not too far in the future and we have shared many lunches, much coffee, some wine, new friends and Nail Stormers across the country. It is our goal to encourage Nail Storming Sessions in each state and one day to have all our Nail Stormers at one Australia wide event. Please enjoy our journey and pics from some of our events.

Maria Harvey

Latest Nail Storming News 

Its really hard running a business, updating my own web page, AND writing up from our many Nails Storming Catch Ups.
Thats not to say we don't have them. They're just not always posted here as I just havn't had the time.
We did however have a sneaky catch up in Murwillumbah with a few of the girls, (and our one token male Ray), and a very special guest all the way from Canberra. Paolo Gonzalez recently joined us which was a really special treat to have a extremely talented nail tech we've only know via her amazing nail page Nails on 56 by Pola on Facebook. 
We were privileged to have her take time out of her holidays in Brissy to trek down to see us. 
As it was a kinda 'unofficial' Nail Storming there was only a few of us, but its always great to catch up with everyone. Its so humbling to have this group of nail experts whom we all love and respect. There is no competing here. If one has a win, we all win.
Most of us work alone, so to have this support system, its like no hurdle is too big to solve.
If you want to hear more about our day just head over to the offical Nail Storming page here.  

From L: Ray Daly (Light Elegance Aust. Distributor),  Paulo Gonzalez, Me,
Cathy Storrier (Light Elegance Educator), Tamara Dilks (Fuzion Educator), Janelle Skenner (30+ year nail veteran). 

Cheers Peeps,

Maria x x x

September Nail Storming Lunch 

Where: Ju Ju's - Murwillumbah NSW
Who: Maria Harvey, Janelle Skennar, Amy Chamberlain, Cathy Storrier, Ray Daley, Nancy and John Rosewall, Maryanne Clarke.

Our last NS lunch was hosted by Janelle at Ju Ju's in Murwillumbah. We had a fantastic turn out and we were honoured to have Light Elegance head honcho Ray Daley taking time out of his very busy day to share his insight into the pharmaceutical side of our industry. Many thanks to John and Nancy Rosewall from Brisbane Nail Supplies for driving all the way from Brisbane, as well as Maryanne Clark. And of course the usual suspects, myself, Janelle, Amy and Cathy.

From left: Maria Harvey, Amy Chamberlain, Cathy Storrier, Maryanne Clark, Ray Daley, Nancy and John Rosewall, Janelle Skennar.
Nothing better than a nail storming selfie - or a 'stelfie', lol…..

Topics covered for Sept's NS lunch were eFiles, Pigments, Builder gels, NSS's and cows! (private joke).
We talked about what most salons are charging and that we must stand together in price as accredited nail techs and not bow to pressure to compete with Non Standard Nail Bars. (Polite term for shopping centre nail bars - or bungle bars!)
We laughed, joked, laughed some more and ate some really great food.
Friendships were made and ideas exchanged. The concept of NS sessions is to share ideas and find solutions to dilemmas we all face in business. Way too many ideas to cover everything here on one blog post, so I will endeavour to find he best way to share our sessions to all those that cannot make an event. Any ideas you ladies may have are more than welcome.
Can I firstly say how lucky we were to have 2 token males along with us who contributed most of the best ideas. Who would of ever thought a couple of blokes would help us take the nail industry by storm, LOL!

John Rosewall, Ray Daley, Janelle Skennar
Maria Harvey and Janelle Skennar
Cathy Storrier and Maryanne Clarke

Beauty World Pigments. 
We were all spoilt with gift bags from Ray from Beauty World with some yummy yummy pigments for us to play with. It was great having Ray along as he was able to define clearly for us the difference in pigments from a reputable dealer, or a online store or eBay.
Ray, who blends his own pigments, explained that as pigments are a mix of mica base and different oxides, some cosmetic companies use mixes of inert additives to make it go further, but it then destroys the quality of the pigment. So when the light hits it, its not as reflective as perhaps a pigment with better balances of ingredients.
He also said that although some eBay stores did sell some good nail items, be aware that if you find an eBay store that not only sells nails products, but tools, shoes, linen, etc,  then perhaps steer clear.
General consensus is that pigments are best applied onto a tacky layer of gel in preference to mixing into your clear gels. Cathy explained using a eyeshadow brush, collect pigment into the brush then vertically tap into the cured tacky gel with the end of your brush, then blend once your pigment is on the nail. Top with clear gel or as LE girls - super shiny! (PS. I've used the white, it is so pretty - to die for!)

My special custom made file.
Well the gifts kept coming with a special gift for me in the form of my very own custom made files. I love my files more than my husband (LOL, sorry Harvey) so Ray had made me up my very own files to try. I have emotional attachments to them already. As I still struggle with an eFile I felt very special getting my own custom made files…

John Rosewall
John then talked about techniques in using the eFile and we are hoping to get John and Nancy down to Beauty World one day for a eFile workshop. Apparently its like peeling a potato. LOL. That I can do….

We also talked in detail on the NON-STANDARD Nail Salons and the problems we are all having in relation to these nail bars.
The main problem apart from the lack of hygiene (and English) is their  use of MMA. Many members of the nail industry and nail techs (and the public) are not aware that MMA has been banned for use in the nail industry since 2007. We brainstormed all sorts of ideas to make the general public more aware of the dangers of these non standard type salon and how we can start a movement to inform the public of what to look out for when choosing a nail tech. We are looking at putting together an information brochure to have on display in your salons and on your websites to cover the dangers of NNS and why the public should 'choose experience'. We will continue to work on this idea and look forward to everyones feedback.

As I am listening through the audio of our lunch, we covered so many fascinating topics and came up with some great ideas to help build our industry back to its former glory. If I transcribed everything here you'd be reading this till next year. I just can't believe how many topics we actually covered until I replayed it.

Nancy and John Rosewall 
Maria and Amy

I guess you'll just all need to come along and join one of the catch ups listed below,  or if your in an area that doesn't yet have a NS session, then start one up. It can be something as simple as a coffee catch up, or a lunch or even cocktails and dinner! (Hmmm, I'm loving that ideas Ames, cocktails!!!!)
I'll be happy to guide you and help you along.
So until next time stormers, be awesome and keep on gelling.

Yours in Nails 
Maria x x  x

Upcoming Nail Storming Sessions.

Ju Ju's Murwillumbah.
Tuesday Oct 2nd 2018 @ 12.30.